The Negroamaro wine

Negro Amaro or Niuru Maru, Nicra Amaro or Nero Leccese. Negroamaro is a red wine known by many other names but it has one single soul.

Its scent recalls the sunny countryside of Salento, whereas its unique taste has made this wine famous all over Italy and abroad. Its origin goes back to ancient times and is very probably connected to the Greek colonization that took place in a very ancient past in the Salento peninsula.

Negro Amaro has bunches of medium size, its grapes are big, with thick black skin and violet shades. A generous vine, it is grown with the “alberello” technique for quality production.

From Negramaro you obtain robust red wines or fresh and scented rosé wines, ideal for vegetable and seafood dishes of the local cuisine. You should not miss the visit that we organize to the local wineries.