The Masseria in Puglia


An authentic place where you can have a unique and exclusive experience

The Masseria stands in an area with a remarkable landscape, one of the most beautiful and attractive of the coastline near Otranto, next to the famous “Baia dei Turchi”, a natural bay with crystal clear sea water.
Masseria Mongiò is on the northern side of the vast property belonging to the Mongiò family. From the old rural buildings, after a long and careful restructuring, 17 suites have been obtained. Each suite is different from the other in size and the way rooms have been conceived but they are all similar in style and the materials that have been used. For the restructuring we decided to use materials and colours fully compatible with the natural environment, and we re-used as much as we could of what already existed, so as to keep a sense of continuity, but at the same time offering the utmost comfort for our guests.
One of the aims of our restructuring was to reduce to the minimum the impact on the environment, also thanks to renewable energy. The Masseria also has a charging station for electric cars and a rack with charger for parking i-bikes.
Our guests, sensitive to this topic are also involved with their respectful behaviour in the entire process of protection of the environment.


The Family and the Logo

The Mongiò family came to Salento as part of the retinue of the Angevins at the end of the 14th century, settling in Lecce and in Galatina. Towards the first half of the 16th century the family divided into two branches, the Mongiò del Giglio and the Mongiò dell’Elefante, the latter being the landlords of this estate.

The logo of the masseria reproduces more simply the coat of arms of the family and emphasises its main element: the elephant with the tower. In heraldry, the elephant symbolises strength and nobility of soul, but in many cultures it is associated with fortune and happiness. We do not presume that we can make you happy, but we certainly hope to make your stay pleasant and peaceful, surrounded by the nature and scents of a wonderful place.


The land and the sea

The proximity to the sea, in a rural context, makes Masseria Mongiò dell’Elefante unique as compared to all the other masserie that are in the region. In fact, only 250 metres from the masseria, hidden by a wood of pines and holm oaks, you can find the Baia dei Turchi, the place where, according to tradition, the Ottomans landed in 1480.

What the visitor will surprisingly see, after having crossed the short path in the wood of pines and holm oaks, is a Caribbean-like bay with white sand and the sea with thousands of turquoise nuances.
The contact with nature, the scents of the countryside and the sea make Masseria Mongiò an authentic place, where you can have a unique and exclusive experience.