Located north of Otranto, the laghi Alimini are in fact two lakes: Alimini Grande and Alimini Piccolo, connected by a canal called “Lu Strittu”, and are both part of the Alimini Nature Reserve.

Alimini Grande is almost completely surrounded by pine woods and Mediterranean maquis. It has a salinity rate which is nearly the same as the one in the sea, as it was created by sea erosion. The northern part, called “Palude Traguano”, is rich in springs, among which the one called “Zudrea”, that feeds the lake in addition to the sea water.

Alimini piccolo, which is also called “Fontanelle”, receives its water from a canal called “Rio Grande” rich in fresh water springs. This is the reason why this lake is mainly a fresh water lake.

This area is ideal for those who want to enjoy an uncontaminated landscape with lots of migratory bird species, such as white storks, flamingos, cranes, wild geese and swans. Additionally, a variety of birds of prey can be found here. Some of these include marsh harriers, windhovers, kites, imperial eagles, eagle owls, tawny owls and barn owls.